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Annuity Plans

Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance can help eliminate the worries of saving for your retirement and how to safeguard your money by offering Annuities which is a smart way to achieve your retirement goals and safeguard your income with guaranteed returns. We can help you choose from a range of flexible plans that will allow you to have steady stable income, money lasting for a lifetime, protection of your assets,  and create a legacy.

Benefits of an Annuity?

There are various benefits to purchasing an annuity to supplement your retirement including:

  • Provides lower risks than traditional investments, allowing you to plan ahead

  • Does not need to be included on student financial aid applications

  • Gives the opportunity to set aside retirement money after you have maxed out other options

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA)

A Fixed Index Annuity, also referred to as an Equity Index Annuity or Hybrid Annuity, enables the owner to enjoy interest growth tied to stock market performance without incurring any loss of principle because of stock market downturns.  Another way of looking at a Fixed Index Annuity is that it is like a savings account with an insurance company that combines the elements of safety found in a bank account with the earnings potential of stock market securities. The unique feature of a Fixed Index Annuity is that it insulates your money from the risk of loss.

Why consider FIA?

  • Gain Compounded Earnings While Deferring Income Taxes

  • Earn Higher Interest Rates

  • Make Contributions to Your Tax-Deferred Account

  • Protect Your Principal from Downturns in the Credit Markets

  • Retire Early Without Penalty

  • Satisfy Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

  • Retire With Lifetime Income

  • Create Probate-Free Inheritance

Annuity Payout Options

There are two primary forms that annuity payouts can take. Both have unique benefits, and drawbacks.

  1. Life Annuity - this format of annuity offers the highest income. nut can't be paid out to a beneficiary in the event of the recipient's death. There are numerous factors that may influence your maximum ad minimum payments including age, sex, current interest rates and cost of living.

  2. Term Certain Annuity - this format is payable for a fixed time that is decided by the purchaser of the annuity. The minimum and maximum payments of this format can also fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

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