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Disability Insurance for Employees

If an employee at your San Joaquin County business is unable unable to perform work and earn money due to illness, an accident or hospitalization, Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance Long Term or Short Term Disability Plans can cover a portion or all of the lost income, enabling an injured employee to not “live on the edge,” and won't risk losing homes or investments. We offer flexible and affordable plans, with tax deductible premiums, as part of comprehensive group health coverage for your company.

Facts about Disability

  • The average disability claim lasts almost 13 months and mortgage foreclosures due to disability occur 16 times as often as they do for death. Yet, more than 40 percent of full-time workers do not have coverage in the event of a short- or long-term disability to protect against a loss of income.

  • Research indicates that one-third of employed Americans will become disabled for at least 90 days at some point in their career. Yet, lack of disability insurance is a common financial error.

Disability Coverage Options

Employee absences can become quite costly for any employer. Disability insurance may replace a portion of lost wages and is ultimately, an effective asset management strategy. Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance knows that as a busy San Joaquin employer, sifting through all of the coverage and premium payment options when considering disability insurance for your business can be challenging. We work closely with employers to help them determine the most cost effective methods for employee income protection in the event of illness or injury.

Long or Short Term Disability

Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance offers affordable plans for long term disability, or short term disability that can be customized for a small, medium, or large sized business.

Short Term Disability insurance policies offer a worker a portion of their salary if they are unable to work for a short period- typically three to six months. Long Term Disability insurance offers a worker a portion of their salary if they are unable to work for a longer period- typically a period of over six months. Both Short Term and Long Term disability policies have a period that a person must be disabled for before that individual is able to start receiving disability benefits. 

Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance will provide tailored insurance solutions designed according to your business needs.

Free Disability Insurance Quote

With long standing access to multiple insurance carriers, Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance  ensures that, as an employer, you receive the best rate possible regardless of the number of employees or the type of coverage you are looking for. We will provide free quotes and consultations that enable you to provide important benefits to your workforce with minimal or at no extra cost to you as a San Joaquin County employer.

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