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Life Insurance

Life insurance is something you may consider adding to your financial plan if you're interested in providing a measure of security for your loved ones. Proceeds from a life insurance policy can be used to pay final expenses, eliminate outstanding debts or cover day to day expenses. Whether life insurance is a smart investment may depend on what you need and want a policy to do for you. Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance provides individuals and families in San Joaquin County with access to wide range of carriers that help them choose among the best options to meet specific financial goals.

Why do you need Life Insurance?

One of the most fundamental questions you should ask yourself when contemplating life insurance is this: Will someone in my life be adversely effected (from a financial standpoint) by my untimely death? Life insurance is a very common asset that figures into many people's long-term financial planning. Purchasing a life insurance policy is a way to protect your loved ones, providing them with the financial support they may need after you die. For example, you may purchase life insurance to help your spouse cover mortgage payments or everyday bills or fund your children's college education. We can help you choose the policy that will pay for your final expenses and financially protect your family ad loved ones according to your wishes.

We are never too young for financial protection

Many individuals and young families do not consider life insurance necessity yet are burdened with loss and debt if the unexpected happens. Evaluate the risks according to your particular concerns and inquire about affordable life insurance rates available in San Joaquin County.

Consult with Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance to learn more about different types of coverage that include:

Term Life Insurance - It protects for a specified period of time. This period could be as short as one year or provide coverage for a specific number of years such as 5, 10, 20 years. It ensures family can pay off debts such as your mortgage, extra financial protection for your children, including education costs. 

Permanent (Whole Life) Insurance - To keep the premium rate level, the premium at the younger ages exceeds the actual cost of protection. This extra premium builds a cash value which helps pay for the policy in later years as the cost of protection rises above the premium. This policy is sometimes called cash value life insurance, generates a savings element. The cash value of the policy can be accessed while the policyholder is alive; these benefits are known as “living benefits.”


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