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Resources to Help You Make a Positive Impact in Your Community

by Carla Lopez (Guest Author) | |

If you’ve noticed ongoing problems in your community, you don’t have to hope that somebody else will try to fix them. Instead, you can take action today to make a difference. From volunteering to help the homeless to running cleanups in your community, here are a few things you can do to make your community a better place to live!

Lend a Helping Hand

You can help turn your neighbors’ lives around today with these actions.

● If your community has a large homeless population, create care packages with items like toiletries, socks, and baby wipes.

● Are you interested in donating to food pantries? Find out which foods they really need.

● If you’ve noticed lots of litter in your neighborhood, it might be time to pull your loved ones together for a neighborhood cleanup!

● Earn your teaching degree to help local youth in your community; online programs provide flexible learning options.

Volunteer With Local Organizations

Want to connect with like-minded people through volunteering? Find some local organizations and ask how you can pitch in!

● Support students in earning a well-rounded education by getting involved with STEAM Forward.

● Find a local food pantry where you can volunteer.

● Want to help animals in need of rescue? Sign up to volunteer at a local shelter!

Start Your Own Nonprofit

What if you can’t find an organization you want to join? Starting your very own nonprofit could be an option!

Lay out your ideas in a detailed nonprofit business plan.

● Forming a nonprofit corporation will make it easier to find funding and give you tax benefits.

● Get your organization off to a running start by implementing this effective fundraising plan for your first month.

One person can’t change the world all by themselves. But when you make connections with other people who care about the same issues, you can make real progress! With these tips, you’ll be inspired to start addressing issues in your community.

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About the Author: Carla Lopez

Carla Lopez retired a couple of years ago, but she didn’t lose her entrepreneurial spirit. She created Boomer Biz for retirees like herself who still have a desire to work and achieve. The site is a resource for people in their golden years who want to start their own business or go back to work doing what they love.

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