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Dental and Vision Plans

Oral and vision health are more important than just a smile and a nice pair of glasses. Routine dental and eye exams can also help prevent illnesses and conditions before even realizing there is something wrong and may affect the productivity in almost every job, leading to a staff that is less efficient than it could be.Protect your employees with an additional plan, it is a good idea to make sure that your employees have adequate insurance to make certain that they can work to their full potential.

However, with so many insurance options available to business owners in San Joaquin County, Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance can help you determine which dental and vision coverage best suits the needs of your company and can then customize coverage options according to your budget constraints.

Available Dental and Vision Plans 

  • Dental health maintenance organization (DHMO): Coverage is only provided when you visit dentists who are in­-network with the insurance plan.

  • Dental preferred provider organization (DPPO): Coverage is provided with in- or out-of-network dental care providers, but you will typically pay less with an in­-network dentist.

  • Dental indemnity plan: Coverage is provided for any dentist you choose, with no difference in cost.

  • Discount dental plan: This type of plan is a common option for reducing dental costs without regular insurance coverage; with this plan, you pay for all your dental care at an agreed-upon discounted rate.

  • Vision Benefits Package: Provides vision care in exchange for an annual premium or membership fee, yearly deductible for each member and copay for services.

  • Discount Vision Plan: Provides vision care at a fixed reduced rate after members pay an annual premium or membership fee and deductible.

  • You can also offer employees the option to pay for these benefits through a payroll deduction or flexible spending account (FSA).

Add-on Benefits can Improve Productivity

Although a few bucks every month isn’t nothing when you think about contributing to each employees’ dental and vision premium, you might want to weigh that cost against the benefit of hiring and maintaining quality employees for your business. Studies have shown that employees tend to value health benefits even more than pay raises. So if you want to show your employees’ appreciation, keep them around, and continue hiring valuable assets to your company, having a full small business benefits package that includes dental and vision might be the way to accomplish all that.

Most dental and vision plans are offered as add-ons, or ancillary benefits to health insurance plans. By adding on benefits like dental and vision insurance, you can build a business benefits package that fully covers both you and your employees. Dion Jayakoddy Retirement & Insurance will help to make sure the benefits and payment structure works for large or small businesses, and that you can afford contribution levels possibly set by insurance companies.

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